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Our Work

Our immigration clinics are regularly held at sites across Eastern PA, Southern New Jersey, and the Delaware Valley. Volunteers and interpreters help our team identify the legal needs of clients, who are then directed to our on-site immigration lawyers and paralegals. In addition to on-site consultations, we host know-your-rights seminars to educate migrant families and communities about the American legal system. These seminars cover tactics for interacting with I.C.E and other immigration law enforcement officials, as well as updates on changes to immigration statutes and policies.


immigration Legal services

Provide advice and counsel about your case free of charge.


Help you with applications for asylum, Temporary Protected Status, U-visas, and more.


Litigate immigration cases before the U.S. Department of Justice and U.S. District and Appellate courts


We conduct "Know Your Rights" presentations for immigrant communities, deliver presentations at churches, and community centers to educate and inform residents about immigration laws and policies.


advice + Counsel Clinics

Hold monthly immigration clinics across PA, NJ, and Delaware.


Provide one-on-one interviews with our onsite immigration lawyers and paralegals.


Offer refreshments, interpretation, and childcare.


We advocate for immigrant rights and immigration reform using our collective voices from across the country, representing the hopes, struggles, and experiences of our many diverse clients.


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